The Calypso V17 Technical Bridge exam validates the user's understanding of the new enhancements included in Calypso V17 (released in 2022) 

Key Concepts validated by the Certification

  •  Core Architecture
    • New Servers
    • JBoss replacement
    • Authentication
  • Application Deployment
    • Deployment process
    • Logs
  • Logging
    • Logging properties 
    • Default settings
    • File controlling and re-directing 
  • CDUF (Data Uploader, Data Exporter)
    • REST endpoints
    •  Supported data formats
    • Additional configuration 
  • CATT
    • Deployment and Logs
    • Jboss replacement
    • CLI processes    
  • Calypso Recon
    • Mapping, Processes
    • Data Structures 


Target Audience:

This Certification is intended for all Calypso Technical users. 

Exam Details

Format: Multiple-Choice and T/F questions

No. of questions: 75

Time Allotted: 75 mins

Cost: USD 200

Prepare for Your Exam

There are several relevant Calypso Training courses and other resources to assist you with acquiring additional knowledge and skills to prepare for this Certification. Existing eLearning Courses are regularly updated with the latest version of Calypso. Additionally, it is recommended to refer to the latest release notes.

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    Calypso Technical V17 Bridge Exam

    • Calypso Technical V17 Bridge Exam