The Calypso V17 FO Bridge exam validates the user's understanding of the new enhancements included in Calypso V17 (released in 2022)

Key Concepts Validated by the Certification

  • Money Market (Structured Flows)
    • User Interface Changes
    • Libor Reform (Pricing Sheet)
    • Daily Payment Frequency
  • Fixed Income
    • Bond Forward
    • New Yield Method
    • Managing External Flows
  • IRD
    • Cash Settle Info Window 
    • Rate Reset Process Enhancement
    • Libor Reform (Rate Reset Process Enhancement)
  • Desk Risk
    • Maintain Market Data Structure for FX and FX Option Sensitivity Report Views
  • EQD
    • PROCESS_EXPIRY Scheduled Task
    • Funding Accruals (Portfolio Swap)
    • Liquidation (Portfolio Swap)
  • Compliance
    • Report to Risk Analysis
    • New Restrict rules
    • Cash Inventory
  • Security Finance
    • Marking trades
    • Allocation
    • Lifecycle events
  • FOWS
    • Analysis reports
  • Foreign Exchange
    • Pricing Sheet for FX Cash Products enhancement 
    • Rollover/Rollback History window
    • FX Split Rate Editor
    • Risk Routing 
    • FX Average Rate Forward (New asset class)
  • Asset Management
    • Order analysis and bundles
  • Market Risk (ERS Risk)
    • New UI Setup
    • Analysis configuration

Target Audience

This Certification is intended for all Calypso Front and Middle Office users. 

Exam Details

Format: Multiple-Choice and T/F questions

No. of questions: 75

Time Allotted: 75 mins

Cost: USD 200

Prepare for Your Exam

There are several relevant Calypso Training courses and other resources to assist you with acquiring additional knowledge and skills to prepare for this Certification. Existing eLearning Courses are regularly updated with the latest version of Calypso. Additionally, it is recommended to refer to the latest release notes.

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    Calypso Front Office V17 Bridge Exam

    • Calypso Front Office V17 Bridge Exam