The Calypso Bilateral Initial Margin solution for UMR Compliance, and Calypso Collateral Management Platform module and certification will review and assess for the Calypso user the current Calypso solution in regard to the updated regulatory environment for the Basel requirements for uncleared margin trades . In this Certification exam, you will be assessed on your knowledge of Uncleared Margin Rules (UMR), its configuration and account set-up on Calypso and regulations associated with UMR.

Key Concepts Validated by the Certification

  • UMR Overview
  • Configuration
  • Account Set-up
  • Risk Factors and Initial Margin
  • UMR Regulation
  • UMR Web UI Dashboard
  • Third Party integration
  • Collateral Management Integration
  • Margin Call Setup
  • Processing Margin Calls

Target Audience

This Certification is intended for all Calypso Front Office & Back-Office users.

Exam Details

Group: Advanced

Format: Multiple-Choice and T/F questions

No. of credits: 3

No. of questions: 90

Time Allotted: 90 mins

Cost: USD 300

 Prepare for Your Exam

The relevant Calypso Training courses and available resources to assist you with acquiring additional knowledge and skills to prepare for a Certification include Bilateral Margin Solution eBook on the Calypso eLearning portal.

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    401- UMR Solution Certification

    • 401- UMR Solutions Certification

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