In the Calypso Architecture Certification, you will be assessed on your knowledge of all the Calypso core architecture and its components, their latest changes, and how they communicate: Engine Framework, Databases, Calypso Scheduler and Risk Infrastructure.

Key Concepts validated by the Certification

  • Core Architecture
  • Spring Architecture
  • Basic Servers (Data Server, Event Server)
  • Basic Engines
    • Transfer
    • Message
    • Sender
    • Accounting
    • CRE
    • Liquidation
    • Inventory
    • Position
    • Task
  • Calypso Scheduler
  • Task enrichment
  • Main Entry Customizer
  • Calypso Services
  • Advance Engines
    • Diary
    • Balance
    • Margin Call
    • Billing
    • AccHedgeEnrichment
    • EcoHedgeEnrichment
    • HedgeRelationshipManager
  • Advance Servers.
    • Analysis
    • Risk
    • CdsIsdaModel
    • ERS
    • eSelfServer
    • inMemory
    • KPI
    • Liquidity
    • PositionKeeper
    • Risk
    • BuySide

Target Audience

 This Certification is intended for all users who are responsible for maintenance, support or implementation of the Calypso application.

Exam Details

Group: Foundation.

Format: Multiple-Choice and T/F questions.

No. of credits: 4

No. of questions: 120

Time Allotted: 120 mins.

Cost: USD 400

Prepare for Your Exam

There are many relevant Calypso Training courses and other resources to assist you with acquiring additional knowledge and skills to prepare for Certification. You can refer to Calypso Architecture course on the Calypso eLearning portal. This course is divided into several modules covering Calypso Core Architecture, Calypso Scheduler, Engine Framework, and Risk Infrastructure. 

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    301 -Calypso Architecture Certification

    • 301- Calypso Architecture Certification

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