The Calypso Official PL certification module introduces for the Calypso user the top-down cross-asset, multi-currency approach to P&L integrated into the Calypso front to back software platform. In the Calypso Profit & Loss (Official P&L) Certification, you will be assessed on your knowledge of the P&L solution offered by Calypso for cross-asset P&L computation, attribution, and reporting.

Key Concepts Validated by the Certification

  • Official PL Process
  • PL Explained
  • Report Configuration
  • PL Configuration & Methodology
  • Middle Tier & Scheduled Tasks
  • Official PL Reporting
  • Official PL: FX Translation
  • Position Management
  • Official PL Additional Features including cost of funding

Target Audience

This certification is intended for all Calypso Middle Office users.

Exam Details

Group: Foundation

Format: Multiple-Choice and T/F questions

No. of credits: 3

No. of questions: 90

Time Allotted: 90 mins

Cost: USD 300

Prepare for Your Exam

The relevant Calypso Training courses and available resources to assist you with acquiring additional knowledge and skills to prepare for a Certification include the Official P&L eBook, Middle Office: Middle Tier Configuration, and Middle Office: Scheduled Tasks for Risk and P/L Reporting courses on the Calypso eLearning portal.

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    105-Profit & Loss (Official P&L) Certification

    • 105-Profit & Loss (Official P&L) Certification